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Our Mission is to insure every single client we have receives the best service while helping them reach their health and fitness goals. We are a Minnesota based company and strive to be the best in the business. A little history of Powersource Nutrition— Powersource was founded in 1996 with the first location in St. Paul off University ave. With supplement demands growing in the 90s and the early 2000s, we opened 2 more locations, one in Lakeville and one in Bloomington. Powersource was ahead of time and innovative compared to the competition. Our pricing has always been the lowest in the state, we sold off St.Paul which eventually shut down quickly after. And franchised Lakeville in which the owner decided to move it to Eagan, that store was doing really well when the owner decided to call it quits. Now we are left with Bloomington, this has always been our star location and always done well! The former owner Mike Hulse sold Powersource in Bloomington to myself, John Meyer in September 2017 and I am extremely excited to bring the community a incredible and innovative nutrition store and as time goes I’ve decided to re-brand the store as I will be doing a complete build-out for it, i will be introducing cold-pressed juices, organic fresh smoothies and a large inventory with a great selection of products. My focus is to bring you the best Sports Nutrition products along with having a awesome health and wellness section in the store. This will be the best nutrition store in the state of Minnesota GUARANTEED! As today marks a another day in history for this company, Powersource Nutrition will soon be known as Nutrition Shack. As business grows I will have more to offer back to the community and my loyal customers. I plan on opening multiple locations across the state and country. My goal for this business isn’t to sell supplements, it’s to create a movement, a movement towards guiding everyone who walks through our doors to reach their goals and continue to strive for them and build confidence in our people. I’m proud of where I’ve come, but I’ll never be satisfied, I will keep pushing to improve and become better as a person and as a business. I’m not here to sell you bullshit I'm here to help you. Keep your eyes peeled for this name as you will be seeing it more and more in the coming months and years. Nutrition shack is home to Minnesota and we are your guys when it comes to your health!

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